I write regularly to communicate my ideas with others and to get feedback on my thoughts. A benefit I gain from writing is that it allows me to reflect on my own ideas over time, especially if newer experiences cause me to rethink my positions.

Over the years, I have co-authored on a number of academic papers (in peer-reviewed journals/conferences), and written many informal essays/blog post related to the practice of software development and IT management. A general theme in my essays is my preference for Agile/Light-weight approaches and direct/simple communication to keep projects moving forward.


  1. Laws of Software Systems (2008)
  2. Scheduling in Software Projects
  3. Project Planning -- Why is it hard?
  4. Planning Software Development Projects
  5. On Requirements
  6. Architecture Is...
  7. Problem Space Vs Solution Space
  8. Contemporary Programming (Mar'2010)
  9. Feeling Guilty about Software Testing
  10. Future of Software Development is Cloudy
  11. Do we still need to engineer software?
  12. User Interface Design
  13. Design is not just a set of features

Academic Papers

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