My unorthodox career (see bio) has given me a diverse set of skills and knowledge of many different aspects of the IT industry.


Listed below are skills that I have gained and improved with practice. I am confident in my abilities in all aspects of the SDLC and have over the last 5 years significantly improved my skills in the business-oriented aspects of IT projects.

  • Writing Business Cases and Project Proposals
  • Problem Analysis and Definition
  • Plan and Undertake Reviews and Audits
  • Writing Software Requirement Documentation
  • Developing and Evolving Solution Architectures
  • Software Design and Programming (Java/.NET)
  • Web application development (including scaling for high volume usage)
  • Developing test strategy as well as test execution (including usability testing)
  • Planning and Scheduling Software Development Projects
  • Planning Deployment and Support Operations
  • Running a SaaS based Operation Centre
  • Using UML to communicate ideas and solutions
  • Teaching/Mentoring Under-Grad and Post-Grad students
  • Researching a problem using a rigorous/scientific method
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Writing long proposals and academic papers


Over the years I worked in a range of roles and have gained knowledge that influences my decisions. I have a strong sympathy for Agile approaches and prefer transparent/metric driven (where practical and cost-effective) management strategies. Listed below is the areas that I have practical knowledge.

  • IT Strategy (Development / Communication / Getting Buy-in)
  • Enterprise architectures
  • Business Organisation (SME and Multi/Trans-nationals)
  • Business Administration and Governance Issues (esp. SME)
  • Sales and Marketing (esp. software solutions)
  • Pressures that drive schedules and IT projects
  • Agile methodologies (esp. introducing it into team)
  • Modelling with UML
  • Usability testing
  • Academic Research and Teaching
  • Statistical Methods